She did it again - and the victim was me.


Scam artists are the evil cousins of genuine entrepreneurs.  Capitalism makes us slaves of money and money enslaves us in unsustainable lifestyles in which prosperity and fulfillment areunachievable by humble and honest means. These capitalist economic contradictions operate "behind the backs" of the capitalists and the workers, as a result of their activities, and yet remain beyond their immediate perceptions as men and women and as social classes. I am Margaret and Margaret is me.  

I met Jon briefly in 2014, he was this soft spoken boy that painted walls around the city - we crossed eyes at openings and discussed Concrete Drawing by Simon Towse the first time we talked. I remember because I thought ‘what the fuck are you even talking about’. My friend Catherine laughed at me and then we made it to Adam Art Gallery’s Kirk room where we took selfies, despite the signs forbidding such actions. What a bunch of scammers we are.

Two years later - I sat on the side of the road cause I couldn’t hear Jon on the phone, I remembered thinking ‘I fucking told you’ - I felt angry at first, which is my primary reaction to unfair situations. Margaret did it again. The pressures and struggles of contemporaneity were in front of us but we were laughing at them.


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‘A series of events’ is Jon unpacking his experience in regards to white privilege and a sheltered life leading perhaps to a unique and in a sense beautiful naivete of the uglier mechanisms at work in the world.


.....Could have bought that Dali




A text by  Noelia Portela



'A Series of Events' presented by play_station space. 3 - 25 February 2017. 8 Egmont St. Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand.